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Dear RC&D Friends:
This survey has been developed by the Structure and Representation Implementation Team (S&RIT) which was formed this fall and is charged by the NARC&DC Board with developing an Action Plan to begin implementation of improvements to structure, process for representation, communications and membership of the NARC&DC.   We ask that you complete this survey by November 14, 2016.  Please be free as you wish in your responses as your contact information will not be shared with the individual responses and responses will be viewed in the aggregate.      
Some background.  In 2015, the Pac-Rim Region of the NARC&DC presented a resolution, which was passed by the National Board of NARC&DC that asked for an initiative to explore problems and solutions related to structure, representation, communications and membership of our national organization.  Thirty (30) volunteers worked in three different groups as the Structure and Representation Advisory Group for several months and presented their respective ideas to the National Board.  All of this information is available on the NARC&DC website.  The S&RIT was formed after presentation of the Advisory Group’s findings and recommendations at the 2016 National RC&D Conference.  There was also a follow-up listening session and webinar at which feedback on the Advisory groups work was taken.  The National Board determined a course of action which tasked the Governance Committee of the NARC&DC to move things forward.  

The S&RIT, in deliberations on its charge, determined that there were several key issues and questions that needed answers and opinions from the whole RC&D Council family, both current dues paying members and not before it could fully draft its action plan.  

That is why you and your Council have received this survey which consists of 19 questions and should take no more than 10 to 15 minutes to complete. 
Please share this with anyone who is in a position to effectively respond. 
Thank you very much,
Andrew Gordon, CEO, NARC&DC
and the entire 
Structure and Representation Implementation Team
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