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Legislative Alert! 

Dear RC&D Members and Friends:

RC&D Councils mean so much to so many…..RC&D Councils are Making Things Happen all around our Great Nation!  

Are Your Senators and Congressmen Doing ANYTHING to help RC&D?!

  • Have you mobilized your Council Members, partners, supporters, & friends to contact their Senators and Congressman?
  • Has Congress heard your message about how valuable this program is in their State and Congressional Districts?
  • The House and Senate have failed to restore funding for RC&D – A PROGRAMTIC REQUEST. 
  • Congress needs to be convinced that the RC&D Program is an engine for economic growth across America.
  • The RC&D Program makes things happen by leveraging federal dollars to create jobs, expand businesses and preserve and enhance ecosystems.
  • Personal conversations and visits with your Members of Congress and their staff in the district are more important than ever before.

We are pushing for two messages:

For rural development, please ask the Chairman and Ranking Member of the Agriculture Appropriations Subcommittee to include the following FY 2018 Agriculture Appropriations language:

  1. "RC&D Councils play an important role in job creation, ecosystem enhancement and rural economic development.  $10 million is appropriated to help RC&D Councils, through an agreement administered by an association of local RC&D Councils, upgrade/adapt to declining farm populations/dwindling tax bases in rural Congressional districts/states, and bridge the technology divide which is leaving rural America behind." 
  2. Keep the RC&D report language contained in the FY2016 bill through the FY2018 Agricultural Appropriations bill showing Congressional intent and exhibiting the value of the RC&D Program. The language encourages the Secretary of Agriculture and agency leaders in the Natural Resources Conservation Service and Rural Development to consider the maximum practical use of RC&D Councils, where such RC&D Councils meet agency performance requirements, in the delivery of USDA programs and services.

Please click HERE to send your message to tell your Members of Congress (House and Senate) to help RC&D create Healthy Ecosystem, Communities and Enterprises.  Once you submit electronically, please click the button to download and print and keep a copy for yourself, send a copy to your Members of Congress via US mail and send a copy to us so we can follow-up with your requests!

After you send your letter, don’t forget to call your Members of Congress to follow-up with your request!

Should you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact your National Association! 

Very truly yours, 

Andrew Gordon, CEO
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